Successful Trade Shows: Tips For Training Your Booth Staff

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By Dick Wheeler

One of the keys to successful trade shows is the training of your booth staff. Each trade show requires a specific marketing message targeted to a unique prospect and an exhibiting staff that can communicate with that audience.

Making the most of trade shows means that it is crucial to have a knowledgeable, qualified and highly trained sales staff at your trade show booths.

Before the trade show, rehearsals and training sessions for your exhibiting staff are essential to achieve your goals. And, sometimes the training covers some basic information, yet it often bears repeating.

Basic tips for training your exhibit staff:

1. Hire an exhibit staff trainer before your trade shows.

2. Have a trainer in the trade show booth to set up procedures and monitor booth activity.

3. Provide incentives (to stimulate trade show booth traffic, give a gift coupon out every hour).

4. Be good custodians of your (and your visitors’) time. Proactive learning on how to engage and courteously dismiss visitors at trade shows in a professional manner is critical.

5. Staff the trade show booth with personnel who match up well with prospects i.e., engineers from your firm if prospects are engineers, etc.

Tips for attracting visitors at trade shows:

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1. Have a warm smile and a welcoming persona.

2. Enthusiastic behavior; have direct eye contact, confront prospects by greeting, then engaging, and, finally, qualifying them.

3. Be professional and courteous, have authority and a solid knowledge about your product or service.

4. Treat visitors as they are your guests – same as you do at your company or in your home.

5. Demonstrate a receptive body language. Have your arms under control and your posture erect. Be proactive.

6. Trade Show Booth housekeeping is a must. Maintain a neat, clean and tidy appearance at all times.

7. Your name badge should be on the right side of your body so when you shake hands people see it clearly.

Tips for things to avoid doing at trade shows:

1. Do not eat, drink or chew gum.

2. Do not make or accept phone calls (leave the trade show booth to make calls).

3. Do not sit (except in conference area of your trade show display to conduct client business).

4. Show up on time – Do not show up late. Be considerate of your booth mates.

5. Never leave your trade show display unattended.

6. Don’t visit socially in the trade show booth with your co-workers or neighboring booth staffers.

Tips for engaging trade show visitors with effective sales techniques and tactics:

1. Greet and engage prospect or client (30 seconds).

2. Probe prospect with questions memorized from a lead sheet (who, what, why, when, where) to determine their requirements and their timing.

This is the positioning and pre-qualifying stage (1 1/2 – 2 minutes).

3. Determine if the trade show prospect is qualified or not. If not, professionally dismiss them.

4. If they are qualified – go into a demonstration, lead to deeper dialogue, answer questions, present details on services/products (up to 5 minutes).

5. Get permission to proceed or get deeper into subject or schedule further dialogue.

6. Wrap up – inform them of where you go from here. Move toward the future appointment or sale. Set a time to reconnect. Swipe their badge or get their business card. Plan to follow up by sending materials to their office so that the package is there when they return to their desk immediately after the trade show.

Just reflect on how much more powerful your results at trade shows could be if your staff members each dedicated their efforts to improve performance in a selected tip category for every show they attend. Your results at trade shows would soar and it could all come from using this tip sheet as your checklist for success.

About the Author: Dick Wheeler is President of

Professional Exhibits & Graphics

, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with showrooms in Sacramento and Sunnyvale. Find more useful tips for successful

Trade Shows

in the news section of their website.


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Founder and CEO of Rockmount Ranchwear Jack Weil dies at age 107

Founder and CEO of Rockmount Ranchwear Jack Weil dies at age 107

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jack A. Weil, founder and CEO of Rockmount Ranch Wear died on August 13 at the age of 107 in Denver, Colorado. He was the oldest working CEO in the United States. He was also known as “Papa Jack”.

He was born on March 28, 1901 in Evansville, Indiana. In 1946, Weil rented a space at 1626 Wazee Street in Denver and set about trying to create a fashionable yet practical identity for the western ranchers of the region.

I never wanted to be the richest man in the cemetery

Weil was well-known for coining the phrase “The West is not a place, it is a state of mind.” He was the first person to put snaps on Western shirts, patented the saw-tooth pocket design seen on many Western shirts, and was credited with inventing the bolo tie.

In 2001, he told Associated Press, “I learned fast you can’t sell to cowboys; they have no money. You have to appeal to the cowboy in everyone and sell to them.”

Among his customers were Ronald Reagan, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Nicholas Cage. More recently, Rockmount shirts were worn by the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2005 Academy Award-nominated movie, Brokeback Mountain.

Weil’s wife, Beatrice Baum, died in 1990, followed by his son Jack B. in January 2008.

“I never wanted to be the richest man in the cemetery,” he told his grandson and current president of the family business.

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon Championships

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon Championships

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rafael Nadal, the 2008 Men’s Singles winner at the Wimbledon Championships, announced today his withdrawal from the 2009 Championships because of a knee injury caused by his tendinitis. The formal announcement came after he had played the second of his warm-up matches.

I am picking Andy Murray or Roger Federer

On Thursday, whilst playing Lleyton Hewitt, Nadal had experienced issues with moving about the court. Again, whilst playing Stanislas Wawrinka today, he had problems and lost the match.

He will be the first champion to not defend his Wimbledon championship since Goran Ivaniševi? pulled out in 2002.

As a result, fifth seed Juan Martín del Potro takes Nadal’s place in the first quarter of the draw, seventeenth seed James Blake takes del Potro’s place in the fifth quarter, Nicolas Kiefer becomes the thirty-third seed and takes Blake’s place in the fourth quarter, with his own previous spot now filled by lucky loser Thiago Alves.

Björn Borg was quoted on Tuesday (June 16) as saying “Nadal is always a dangerous player because he is the best in the world — but what happened in Paris and then the injury, I am picking Andy Murray or Roger Federer. […] For Nadal to win five in a row (at the French Open) was a big goal this year. I am sure he was very, very disappointed when he went home after Paris. That defeat took him many, many days to get over. Nadal is saying he has got an injury, but he has to be fit at Wimbledon if he wants to go all the way, and I do not think he will go all the way this year.”

Gliders defeat USA in 2012 Paralympic semifinals

Gliders defeat USA in 2012 Paralympic semifinals

Saturday, September 8, 2012

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London, England — The Australian women’s national wheelchair basketball team, the Gliders, defeated the USA Thursday in a 40–39 thriller at the North Greenwich Arena.

This semifinal victory advances the Gliders into the final, where they are to meet the winner of the day’s match between the Netherlands and Germany. They are guaranteed at least silver. The Gliders won silver in Sydney in 2000 and Athens in 2004 and bronze in Beijing in 2008, but have never won the gold. The USA team is to meet the loser of that match to contest the bronze.

The Gliders’ quest for Paralympic gold medals began last week with a narrow 52–50 defeat of Brazil. The Aussies then crushed Great Britain 51–24. Australia had a loss to Canada 50–57, but bounced back to win against the Netherlands, 58–49. This advanced Australia to the quarter final, where the Gliders met and defeated Mexico 62–37.

Team USA started by defeating France 63–24 in its first game. It then lost to Germany, 54–48. It came back and defeated Mexico 67–33. Team USA came from 21 behind to defeat China in extra time, and played Canada and won in the quarter final 67–55.

The first quarter got off to an exciting start. USA had first possession and chalked up the first score. Kylie Gauchi responded quickly with a good shot, leveling the score. Then followed an exciting passage of play in which USA turned the ball over, but Clare Nott lost it on a bad pass. Shelly Chaplin then stole it back but Kylie Gauchi put it out of bounds. Clare Nott stole it back again, only to have Gauichi turn it over again. The USA took a shot at the basket from inside the paint, but missed. They then took a rebound and finally scored. A USA free throw extended their lead to 2–6. Thereafter both teams’ shooting was poor, and the score was only 10–12 at quarter time.

The second quarter started with Merritt scoring twice to give Australia the lead 14–12. A ferocious Australian defence saw USA’s style severely cramped, and they turned the ball over a number of times. They also took too long to move the ball forward. The crowd included the familiar block of Gliders fans in yellow T-shirts. They made their presence felt, chanting “Defence, Gliders, Defence!” whenever USA had the ball. Unfortunately, the Gliders’ poor shooting prevented them from fully capitalising on their superb defence, leaving the score tied at 26–26 at half time.

In the third quarter, an early goal by Kylie Gauchi from outside the paint gave the Gliders the lead. A series of steals gave the Gliders additional shots at goal, most of which missed, but USA had no answer to the Australian defence, with a series of timeouts and turnovers, and their shooting was even poorer. While the Australians relentlessly racked up point after point, taking a 32–26 lead, USA were unable to score at all until the last minute of the quarter. A hurried goal with seconds to go by Katie Hill saw the Gliders leading 38–28 at the last change.

In the fourth quarter, the Australian defence remained taut, but the shooting remained terrible. In the final accounting, Cobi Crispin only made 3 out of 10 shots, and Amber Merritt only 4 out of 16. The Glider’s most accurate shot turned out to be Clare Nott, who made four out of five attempts. Meanwhile, an increasingly desperate USA team pegged the Australians back to 40–39. Three timeouts were taken in the last minute. Fouls saw Merritt sent to the free throw line, but she missed both shots. The game went down to the last second, with USA missing a shot from inside the paint, before the shot clock ran out.

200 150 Study Guides}

200-150 Study Guides


Judith M. Ehlers

Question: 1

Refer to the exhibit. Two Layer 2 Cisco Nexus switches are connected to application servers in a data center. Server A cannot communicate with servers that are in VLANs 3 and 4, but t can communicate with server B and C. What is the cause of the problem?

A. inter VLANs routing is not enabled on both switches

B. Switch I and switch 2 are not physically connected via an access link.

C. A router must be connected to both switches and provide inter VLAN routing.

D. Switch 1 and switch 2 not physically connected via a trunk link.

Answer: C

Question: 2

Which two options describe Junctions of the data center aggregation layer? (Choose two)

A. services layer

YouTube Preview Image

B. high-speed packet switching O repeater

C. access control

D. QoS marking

Answer: AC

Question: 3

Which two options are valid VTP commands? {Choose two)

A. feature vtp

B. vtp client mode

C. vtp VLAN

D. vtp version

E. vtp static

Answer: A,D

Question: 4

Which two features must be licensed on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch? (Choose two)

A. Virtual Port Channel

B. Layer 3

C. Virtual Device Contexts


E. Fibre Channel

Answer: BC

Question: 5

Which two options are multicast addresses? (Choose two.)

A. FD00::2


C. FF05::2



Answer: CE

At ExamKill, we are aware that competition in the IT world is fierce. To prove your worth against your competition, you must have something to incline your potential employer to hire you. Cisco 200-150: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) can give you exactly that edge to smoothen your recruitment process. Having this certification under your belt is a sign that you understand Cisco 200-150 processes and can utilize them expertly.

Of course, you would want to pass the Cisco 200-150: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) exam on your first attempt. There are a number of reasons for this, but, first and foremost, it reflects well on your particular skill set. It is also simply more economical for you because you don’t have to pay for your exam fees again. With ExamKill’s Cisco 200-150 study guide and 200-150 training kits, you can certainly increase your chances of gaining your certification on the first try. We provide you with extensive Cisco 200-150 actual questions that have proved vital for tests like the Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN).

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Our 200-150 training kits and 200-150 actual questions are only prepared by industry experts who have decades of experience of lecturing and implementing Oracle’s methods. Their understanding of the bits and pieces of Oracle means that they can create the flawless 200-150 training kits for you. We only want the best for our customers and that’s exactly what our industry insiders will provide for you.

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ExamKill is bound to offer you the best materials for the Cisco 200-150: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) Exam. The Cisco 200-150 prep guide is totally efficient and it is modified and reviewed according to the change in syllabus. This will mean that everyone will get the latest 200-150 actual questions section. Together with this the Cisco 200-150

Test Information:

Total Questions: 60Test Number: 200-150Vendor Name: CISCOCert Name: CCNA DATA CENTERTest Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN)Official Site: More Details

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Heat Stroke And Dogs}

Submitted by: Geoffrey English

Dogs have a very strange evolutionary flaw: they lack the ability to sweat. In the same way that a horses ultra sensitive stomach can lead to its demise, a dogs natural inability to properly cool itself, or recognize when it is over-heating , can lead to dangerous complications.

Dogs cool from the bottom-up. This means that the fastest way to cool a dog is by cooling its abdomen or genital area. This is why, during hot summer months, a dog can often be found laying in a hole that it has dug- the cool earth acts as a system to remove heat from the dogs underside.

Some dogs are predisposed to heat stroke, and suffer from it more easily and more frequently than others- especially large breed dogs, and dogs with short noses; like Mastiffs, Pugs, and Boxers. Heat stroke can be deadly in any dog, so prevention is extremely important. Some important steps to aid in prevention are:

Fresh water available at all times

The colder the water, the better. Some people may serve their dog frozen blocks of water in a large dish; this helps to keep the melting water as cold as possible. In addition, your dogs water must be changed regularly, as many dogs will not drink dirty water, even if they are suffering from heat stroke.

Slow or restricted exercise

On very hot days, you should restrict your dogs activity level. Dogs are not adept at doing this on their own, and will often overwork or over-play themselves to the point of heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. Allow your dog slow exercise, and remove them to a cool area afterwards.

YouTube Preview Image

Cool areas

Your dog should have access to shade at all times, and should never be left exposed to the sun. Humidity plays an important role in this as well. Your dog can easily perish in such environments as a car, a greenhouse, an attic, or while on a concrete run. Air-conditioned and well-shaded areas are best. Also, never kennel your dog in a closed plastic crate or kennel. Only kennel in an open-wire kennel. Even in cool weather, a large dog can increase the temperature inside of a plastic kennel very rapidly simply by panting and emitting body heat. Be aware that your dog can suffer from heat stroke even while in the water. In fact, swimming requires a major expenditure of energy, and so heat stroke while in the water is not uncommon.

Cool your dog down at the first sign of heat stroke. Signs can be any or all of the following:

Excessive panting

Profuse salivation

Dry gums and mouth


Weakness or exhaustion


Vomiting or diarrhea, sometimes with blood

If your dog is exhibiting these signs, or you recognize any other signs that you attribute to heat stroke, you need to begin treatment immediately. Start by removing your dog to a cool area. If possible, take their temperature, preferably using a rectal thermometer. Temperatures around 105-106 are serious. Temperatures at 107 or higher are to be considered a critical, life-threatening emergency. Once you have removed your dog to a cool area, continue treatment by immersing your pet in a cool tub of water, or by gently dousing them with a hose. If your dogs temperature is over 106, or exhibiting signs of confusion or weakness, then you should administer a cold water enema to cool your dogs internal temperature. If your dog requires emergency medical treatment, this may involve an injection of cortisone, and often a dog experiencing heat stroke will have a very swollen throat.

The most important thing for you to remember when treating your dog for heat stroke is avoid panic, be prepared, and stay cool!

About the Author: Geoffrey A. English is the Founder of, the internet’s premiere online magazine dedicated to gun dogs. Come check out their site if you are looking for

hunting dog supplies

such as

Tri-tronics Collars





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New Zealand dog saves five children; receives international attention

New Zealand dog saves five children; receives international attention

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A small, “nicely trained” Jack Russell Terrier gave his life to help save a group of five children from two aggressive pitbulls last Sunday in Manaia, Taranaki, New Zealand.

The dog named George is being described as a hero, gathering a huge amount of international media interest in the process.

The dog suffered massive injuries that the vet had never seen to that extent before, which resulted in 69-year-old Alan Gay, the dog’s owner, allowing George to be put down. He now regrets this decision.

The two pitbulls rushed at the group of children that George was following to the dairy, including a four-year-old. George then started barking loudly at the pair of dogs, and put himself between the dogs and the children. Mr Gay told Fox News, “If it wasn’t for George, those kids would have copped it.”

Despite having received offers of new dogs, Mr Gay has said that he will wait a while before getting another Jack Russell Terrier, as he is afraid it could happen again.

It is also believed that the two attacking dogs, which have been destroyed, were bred to be aggressive, including being fed the drug methamphetamine, commonly referred to as “P” in New Zealand.

Mr Gay has said that Manaia has had a problem with stray dogs before, but he never expected that George would become a victim.

One story ran in USA Today, which prompted over 120 comments, and one reader to personally call Alan Gay expressing their condolences.

Responding to the huge amount of media interest, Mr Gay said, “This really surprises me, and it’s marvellous. I never expected this … I’m surprised it got around the world as it did.” He says he has been getting a huge amount of phone calls from the media and the public. “The phone has been going since about half past seven this morning. Every time I hang up it rings again. It’s worn out; I might have to get a new one.”

Borussia Dortmund’s team bus hit with explosives before Champions League match, Marc Bartra injured

Borussia Dortmund’s team bus hit with explosives before Champions League match, Marc Bartra injured

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yesterday in Dortmund, Germany prior to the UEFA Champions League’s quarter-final match against AS Monaco, explosives detonated near a bus carrying Borussia Dortmund (BVB)’s team, injuring defender Marc Bartra. The match was “postponed until Wednesday at 18:45 CET”, read UEFA’s official statement.

Spanish centre back Marc Bartra broke his radial bone of his right hand, and underwent an operation later at night, BVB reported. Goalkeeper Roman Bürki, who was next to Bartra in the bus told Blick that Bartra “was hit by fragments of the broken rear window” ((de)) German language: von Splittern der zerborstenen Rückscheibe getroffen wurde .

Dortmund’s police chief Gregor Lange said the explosions were reported at 19:15 CET. He said, “At 19:15 CET, there were three explosions in the vicinity of the hotel in which the BVB team had been guests and were leaving to travel to the stadium.” ((de)) German language: Um 19.15 Uhr ist es zu drei Explosionen im Umfeld des Hotels gekommen, in dem die Mannschaft des BVB gastiert und von dort den Weg zum Stadion angetreten hat. He said it was a “targeted attack on the BVB Team Bus”. Police checked for further explosives using sniffer dogs. Gregor Lange said they discovered another explosive which did not detonate. They also found a letter claiming the responsibility of the attack, but the officials did not reveal its details.

Benedikt Höwedes, captain of Schalke 04, Dortmund’s local rivals, tweeted, “Separated by color, united against violence! Best regards @MarcBarta and the whole team of @BVB [Borussia Dortmund], I hope you are all well! #BVBASM” ((de)) German language: Getrennt in den Farben, vereint gegen Gewalt! Alles Gute, @MarcBartra und dem gesamten Team des @BVB! Ich hoffe, es geht euch gut! #BVBASM . AS Monaco supporters in the stadium yesterday were heard chanting “Dortmund! Dortmund!” after the accident was announced.

Dortmund asked their supporters to help away fans by providing them accommodation for a day by using #bedsforawayfans (beds for away fans) hashtag via social media. Dortmund announced stadium tours for Wednesday were canceled, via their official website. Increasing the security after the attack, Dortmund announced storage facilities at Signal Iduna Park would be closed and no backpacks bigger than A4 size would be permitted in the stadium.

 This story has updates See 28-year-old suspect charged for attacking Borussia Dortmund’s team bus, April 22, 2017 

Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic

Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The province of Alberta, Canada is considering legal action against Canadian National Railway for failing to warn that a derailment last week contaminated Wabamun Lake with a hazardous chemical.

The 700,000 litres of heavy Bunker C fuel oil that spilled into the lake asphyxiated birds and killed fish.

In addition, one of the ruptured tanker cars sent 70,000 liters of Imperial Pole Treating Oil into the lake. This oil is a yellow mixture of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Naphthalene, a component of this “very toxic material” is suspected of causing skin cancer if touched and lung or other cancers if inhaled.[1] Inhalation is promoted by actions that cause splashing or foaming. The mineral oil is used in connection with pentachlorophenol for preserving wooden utility poles.

Wabamun Lake is a popular summertime recreational area about 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Edmonton, Alberta.

The 766-megawatt Keephills power generating plant, one of 3 in Wabamun, was shut down because the coal-fired plant uses water from the lake. Edmonton’s health authority ordered people not to swim, boat or rescue animals in the lake and to stop using its water or any water from nearby wells for cooking, drinking, showering or brushing teeth. These warnings came 3 days after many residents, including children, had been wading into the oil slick without protective clothing to save wildlife injured by the spill and others had been routinely depending on the lakewater for home use. Why the alert was not issued sooner remains under investigation and may result in criminal charges. Canadian National Railway had been informed of the nature of the oil when it was loaded by Imperial Oil Ltd., Canada’s largest petroleum company. Imperial Oil is posting informational updates on a special website [2]. In addition The Wabamun Residents Committee has established an information website [3].

How To Clean Light Colored Wood Furniture}

Submitted by: Jesse Akre

In contrast to its dark wood cousins, light colored wood furniture can start to look dingy and dull much sooner. Unfortunately dirt, grease and grime will quickly turn your light colored furniture into a leopard print of dark and light splotches.

With dark wood furniture, these dirty spots and stains dont show up as quickly. But because nature didnt seem to be thoughtful enough to make light colored grit and grime, your light colored furniture will need to be cleaned more regularly and more thoroughly to keep it looking lovely.

Fortunately, the cleaning process for light colored furniture isnt mysterious. Its virtually identical to that of any wood furniture.

As always, youll want to shy away from commercial waxes and oils that say they will clean your furniture. They wont. Sure, they will make them shiny, but they will only add another layer to the finish, one that will trap oil and dirt and hold onto it for dear life.

YouTube Preview Image

To get the grain looking like new again, youll want to remove all the dirt and restore the original appearance. You can do this with a mixture that contains one part vinegar, one part turpentine and two parts linseed oil. After stirring it all together, you can apply this cocktail to your furniture. Be sure you do this in a well-ventilated space as the fumes can make you sick. If you can, go outside to do the cleaning.

Before you apply the mix to the entire piece, try it out on a hidden spot. You want to make sure you like the result. You probably will, mind you, but some people actually like the darker look and are shocked when they remove layers and layers of old waxy build up to expose the original color of the wood.

The cleaning process can substantially lighten the wood. This is a good thing, of course. If everything looks good, then apply the mixture to the entire surface, one section at a time. As you clean the area, wipe it with a clean rag. You wont believe the amount of dirt and grime that ends up on the rag.

The reason that you do a section of a time is that you dont want the mix to dry out on the woods surface. If you want a little extra cleaning power, use some really fine steel wool instead of a rag to do the cleaning. Dont scrub too hard. You dont want to remove the finish, only the dirt.

Once everything looks clean and uniform, you can get rid of the mixture and the rags. Remember that anything with turpentine in it can be highly flammable. So be sure that you dispose of the cleaning products carefully. Its best to put them in a steel container, not plastic.

Of course, the dirt will come back quickly if you dont take the time to maintain your furniture between cleanings. Dont go back to applying a commercial product, such as a furniture wax. Its just going to cause the problem to happen all over again. Instead, use furniture oil and rub it into the wood occasionally. If your wood dries out, it can crack or become brittle. The oil will re-moisturize it while bringing the grain out. If you spill something on the wood, wipe it up as quickly as possible. Water stains, you know those unsightly rings, can be removed with by rubbing lemon oil over it. If you dont want to cry over spilled milk, use some silver polish or ammonia to remove it. Once the stains are removed, you need to wipe the area clean again to make sure that all the cleaning agents have been removed from the surface of the wood.

Light wood furniture can be a very beautiful thing in your home, but only if you take good care of it, keep it spotless, dust it in between thorough cleanings and take loving care of it by not giving into commercial waxes.

About the Author: Jesse Akre owns Edenvale Shoppes and hosts numerous furniture and furnishings for any home whether it be

coffee tables


round kitchen tables

styles and designs.


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